About Focus Dental Clinic Bodrum

About Focus Dental Clinic Bodrum


Focus Dental Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic provides services in almost all dental treatment areas in oral and dental health, especially implant teeth and aesthetic dental prosthesis applications.

Focus Dental prioritizes providing holistic dental treatment and care with a quality, reliable and forward-thinking approach. With the natural sense of responsibility brought by working in the field of health, it has helped all his domestic and foreign patients with the same understanding. At Focus Dental, the patient’s access to treatment and services that will increase their quality of life and the patient’s benefit are of priority as the policy of the institution.

At Focus Dental, all options and possibilities, “simple or complex”, are shared openly and transparently, honestly with the patient. All future risks and options are also discussed together by the patient and dentist. In order to make this understanding sustainable throughout the dental clinic, the dentist staff has been meticulously formed. In addition, it has meticulously selected its auxiliary staff to ensure that its patients receive the necessary support and treatment to improve and maintain their quality of life. Training and internal audits for all staff continue on a regular basis.

We use all sorts of technological opportunities.

We regard patient health and hygiene as our priority.

We believe that a good relationship between the patient and dentist makes treatment more successful.

We regularly participate in national and international conferences and trainings to improve our treatment standards.

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