Dental Implants


What is implant treatment?

Implants are artificial tooth roots placed in the jawbone and made to support dentures. Fixed or removable prostheses made on these long-lasting and life-long artificial roots, which are made to replace missing teeth, fulfill the patient’s chewing function and aesthetics.

In which cases is implant treatment applied?

  • In cases where the patient cannot use the full prosthesis as a result of excessive bone resorption in the upper and lower jaws with no teeth, the prosthesis is placed on the implants to increase the retention.
  • If the posterior region is edentulous in the loss of molars, a fixed bridge can be made on several implants instead of a removable partial denture.
  • In long edentulous cavities, the fact that the bodies of the bridges are long creates a problem. The support and durability of long bridges can be increased with one or more implants to be applied to the edentulous area.
  • In case of loss of a single tooth, a single implant can be placed on the missing tooth without the need to reduce the teeth on both sides of the missing tooth and a single crown can be made on it.

How is implant treatment applied?

Implant treatment is applied in sterile conditions by evaluating the general health status of the person. The bone condition of the jaw, the density of the bone, and the oral hygiene of the patient are the factors to be considered. Making millimetric measurements by using computed tomography before the operation increases the success. Local anesthesia is sufficient for implant treatment. The appropriate position for the missing tooth is determined and slots of sufficient length and diameter are created and placed.

How long does the implant treatment take?

The opening and placement of the implant’s socket takes a short time, such as 5-10 minutes. The time will vary depending on the number of implants. Placement of the implant is the first step. If dissolving stitches that do not need to be removed have been applied, it is sufficient for the patient to allocate one day for implant treatment. After the first stage, the waiting period begins. It takes 2-3 months for the implant to fully integrate with the bone. If Sinus lifting (sinus lift), bone dust due to bone deficiency; If additional procedures such as bone graft placement have been applied, waiting for 4-5 months is required for the success of the implant. As soon as the implant is placed, your doctor gives clearer information about the process. With the help of today’s technology, fixed temporary teeth are made on the implants, allowing the patients to spend the waiting period comfortably.

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Focus Dental Bodrum Answers Your Best Implant Questions

Is implant treatment difficult?

Implant treatment is a more comfortable procedure than tooth extraction.

Is care required after implant treatment?

It will be enough to take care of your oral hygiene and regular doctor checks.

Can every patient have an implant?

Implants can be applied to patients with good general health status and to any patient who is not inconvenient for implant treatment by their dentists.

From what age can the implant be made?

It is important that the bone development is completed for the implant. It is generally appropriate to wait for the age of 18.

How long after tooth extraction should the implant be made?

It is enough to clean the area after the shooting and wait 2-3 months.

Can the implant be made immediately after tooth extraction?

It can also be applied as an immediate implant (early implant / rapid implant) immediately after tooth extraction. For this, it is sufficient to have enough bone and not to have an infection in the application area.

Is the implant brand important? What is the best implant brand?

There are many dental implant brands. The success of the implant is highly dependent on the surgeon’s knowledge and professional practice. Your dentist will evaluate the factors such as ease of use, application of the superstructure, durability and quality and will inform you about the brands he/she seems appropriate.

What should be done after the implant?

Things to consider in the first 24 hours after implantation:

  1. Swelling on the gingiva and cheek side of the implant area is a normal result. After your implants are placed, apply ice for 5 minutes with a 10-minute break to reduce swelling. Apply ice in this way as much as possible for the first 24 hours.
  2. Do not eat for the first 2 hours. Afterwards, be careful to consume warm (room temperature) and soft foods. It is important that the foods in the diet are soft after the implant operation in order not to damage the stitches.
    Management of post-implant pain complaints is quite easy with appropriate drugs. Post-implant drug use is in the form of regular use of the drugs prescribed by your dentist. Do not use aspirin as a pain reliever as it will increase bleeding.
  3. Your dentist will prescribe antibiotics and mouthwash to prevent post-implant infection. It is important that you use it regularly.
  4. Do not take hot baths. Avoid heavy exercise and sports. Do not lift heavy.
  5. There may be slight bleeding from the area. In this case, do not apply gauze or cotton, paper napkins, etc. to stop the blood. Do not rinse your mouth with water to remove the taste of blood in your mouth. Contact us if your bleeding increases.
  6. Sleep on a high pillow. Do not squat with your head down (for example, to take off shoes).

Things to consider for 7-10 days after the first 24 hours after implantation:

  1. Do not create tension on your cheek or lip to see the process done in your mouth. It may cause your stitches to open or prevent your wound healing in that area.
  2. Inform your dentist in case of unexpected pain, swelling, bleeding, opening of stitches.
  3. Avoid extremely hot cold drinks and spicy, spicy foods.
  4. Perform the cleaning of the implant area as described to you. Do not neglect the cleaning of all your teeth.

Can I smoke after implant surgery?

Can I drink alcohol after the implant operation?

All tobacco products are harmful, and cigarettes and alcohol have negative effects on the healing process due to their ingredients. They can increase the risk of infection by preparing the ground for bacteria. They can delay wound healing of the suture area. By reducing blood supply, they can prevent healing and the integration of titanium screws with the bone. It is preferable not to be consumed.

Is numbness in the chin normal after implantation?

Numbness is felt on the lips. When placing the implant in the lower jaw molar region, great attention should be paid to the nerve passing through the region. The surgical knowledge of the implanting physician and the detailed preoperative tomographic examination prevent such complications from occurring.

How can I get an implant in Bodrum Turkey?

You can easily have the implant operation after detailed examination and information with our panoramic and digital tomographic imaging opportunities by our maxillofacial surgeon in Bodrum. For your Implant Bodrum needs and your search for a maxillofacial surgeon, please make an appointment with our Implant Turkey Focus Dental team.

Implant Dental Prices / Focus Dental Clinic Bodrum Dental Implant Prices?

We determine our prices based on TDB prices. In general, which implant brand you choose is the most important factor that determines the price. After the examination, we try to decide which implant brand we will use with our patient and the veneer prices according to the veneer material to be used on it, together with the alternatives. If you want to have an idea about the general implant price, Focus Dental Bodrum implant price varies between 350-700 EUR depending on the brand you choose.

What is the price of prosthesis over the implant?

Implant prosthesis covers many treatment options. There are full fixed porcelains, removable dentures, bridges, hybrid dentures, locater, ball, bar-retained dentures and many more options. Prices vary on all. In superstructures, porcelain with zirconium or metal substructure is preferred. Bodrum zirconium (zirconium), zirconium Bodrum, porcelain Bodrum, Bodrum porcelain treatment options are examined and planned in detail by your dentist, the price will be clear at the first appointment.