Digital Dentistry

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What is Digital Dentistry?

Digital dentistry is the procedures performed with the classical methods in dentistry with the help of a smart intraoral scanner and computer.

How Does the CAD-CAM System Work?

Optical, digital measurement of the prepared cavity or the prepared tooth is taken from the inside of the mouth with a camera. The design is made with a computer program suitable for the purpose, the block is scraped. After the digital measurement is taken with the CAD CAM system used in the clinic, the design and production is carried out next to the patient and the process can be completed in a single session.

Dental Cad / Cam systems are today’s technology in dentistry, where digital impressions can be taken directly from the patient’s mouth, scanning and restorations can be prepared with computer support.

Focus Dental Turkey Digital Dentistry
Focus Dental Bodrum Digital Dentistry

Digital Dentistry and Smile Design

One of the most important advantages of digital dentistry is the ability to design an aesthetic smile. With the help of a micro-camera, it allows the individual to make the desired changes in accordance with the face and mouth structure, to control the contact points with the opposing tooth, to make virtually abrasion, addition, contour changes, and to increase or decrease the frequency of contact points with the opposite teeth, on the teeth transformed into three dimensions with the help of a micro camera gives.

The contribution of digital design programs to digital dentistry and smile design is very useful and effective. Thanks to the fact that digital design programs allow online work, it is possible to get expert support from abroad and apply it to work, if necessary, without wasting any time.

Compatibility, sensitivity, aesthetic and functional preliminary evaluations of dental restoration designs with digital design programs can be made quickly on the models obtained with a 3D printer. Physicians, technicians and patients re-evaluate the necessary arrangements and make the necessary corrections on the 3d models. (without the need to add comments with abstract recipes) scanned on the scanner, redesigned and produced. In addition, it provides the opportunity to quickly integrate new materials, new techniques into clinical applications.

Thanks to digital dentistry, the images of the possible finished teeth are matched with the real face photograph of the individual, and the dentist and the individual have the opportunity to see the new restoration before it is finished.

Focus Dental Turkey CAD / CAM Technology

What Are Cad-Cam Benefits?

  • The time spent by the patient in the clinic and the number of sessions are reduced. It allows the production to be made in a short time.
  • It is very unlikely that technical errors will occur and go unnoticed in the computer-assisted treatment process.
  • As CAD/CAM technology ensures that the materials used are produced in precise, error-free and standardized conditions, the result is durable and more aesthetic.
  • Storing the data in a digital environment provides great advantages such as allowing the same restoration to be made quickly after years, repeating its aesthetic and functional features, and allowing new arrangements by taking the old one as a reference if necessary.
  • The workflow provided by using CAD/CAM allows to try many and different alternative design options that cannot be done during a normal work with classical analog laboratory studies.