Esthetic Dentistry

Esthetic Dentistry Turkey


When it comes to dental aesthetics, it is not enough to choose only among options such as laminate veneer, ceramic veneer, zirconium coating, e-max, onlay or whitening. Since the morphological, technical and aesthetic details of the existing teeth such as morphological structures, colors, forms, transparency and natural effects directly affect the natural and aesthetic appearance of the teeth, the process should be started after evaluation.

One of the factors that increase the success in aesthetic treatments and Hollywood smile is the good communication between patient and the dentist and if the patient is expressing his/her expectations concretely and clearly. Explain your expectations to the professional concretely, use photographs if possible. The biggest problem in aesthetic treatments is the insufficient communication between the dentist and the patient. You can contact our patient care coordinators who are well informed about aesthetic treatments and get detailed and realistic information about the processes.

Experienced and competent dentists and technicians in aesthetic dentistry

Our dentists, who have been experienced in their field for many years, opened the Focus Dental Clinic in Bodrum to help you as well. The design and production of all sub and superstructures and ceramic applications are carried out by our technicians who are competent and experienced in their field.

Digital dentistry and fully equipped laboratory

Intraoral impressions are taken in three-dimensional scanners. Personalized smile design and impression are transferred to the computer and, again, designed in three dimension computer programs. In our dental laboratory, 3D design programs and 3d design devices used in infrastructure production and 3D printers used in temporary tooth construction.

Quality dental materials

All products are considered among the best in their field all over the world and biomedical certified. A written guarantee program with no ambiguous statements but a clear statement of what to do in the event of an unexpected situations. You can get best quality zirconia and veneers in Focus Dental Clinic Turkey.

Patient-friendly, clear and written warranty program

We offer a guarantee program with no vague wording and a clear statement of possibilities and actions. You can make your decision after a complete examination and planning. At the planning stage, we clearly express the treatment amount with its probabilities and give you the plan/price output. You will not find hidden or inflated prices in Focus Dental Clinic.

Aesthetic Dental Treatment Processes

  • General health information and anamnesis will be taken, and it is investigated whether there is an issue that may concern the treatment.
  • Once panoramic and periapical x-rays are taken, ideal aesthetic approach for the patient is determined and treatment plan will be made.
  • The treatment should be started by eliminating the health and/or hygiene problems in the teeth. So, treatment may begin with procedures aimed at restoring the health of the teeth, such as fillings, root canal treatments, and gingival treatment.
  • The teeth to be aesthetically applied are prepared and the first aesthetic intervention is performed by making composite temporary veneers in the same session, preventing your daily social life from being affected.
  • After taking impressions in the same session, all physical and digital data will be shared with our laboratory for error-free progress of design and production processes.
  • Infrastructure material is rehearsed and its suitability is tested.
  • At the final rehearsal, the final look of the teeth is submitted to the approval of the dentist and the patient. If necessary, corrections are requested from the laboratory.
  • All neccesarry information will be shared and warranty certificate is delivered stamped and signed.